Thursday, October 31, 2013

Full Moon Party

For you who have no idea about this, let me brief you a little.

It's a party to celebrate full moon that is held in Koh Panghan, Thailand every month.

Thousands of people, most of them are young travelers from all over the world will come to this island.

Me and my two others Indonesian pals had been so excited planning to come to this craziest party in the world. We also knew that budget was one of the big issue for the three of us, so shameful. So we decided to come to the island only for the party itself a day before the party and would leave the island in the morning after the party. Hotel? Hmmm as what we knew all the hotel price will be freaking expensive during the full moon party, and because three of us had this issue of (arrghhh so annoying to mention it again!) so we chose just spend the night at the beach before and after the party while waiting for the morning ferry to leave the island. That was the plan.

But one of my so called friend was over excited about this party even before we left our city, Songkhla. He was like one of those little kids who eat too much sweet food and finally got too hyper active. Me and my other friend assumed that he was just having some kind of mental disorder that even the experts can't classify. Duh!

It was a long and tiring journey. We left Songkhla at 9pm on Friday. Took a 5 hours bus and 2hours ferry finally brought us safely to the island. During the journey we felt so sorry to see our boy friend who was still acting hyper and could not control himself. We kept reminding him to save energy because we knew that it was going to be more exhausted. But it did not work. Not to mention that he even fell from the stairs on the ferry because he was TOO hyper !!!

in the middle is the hyper active boy
We arrived in the island at 11am. The plan was just sleep at the beach while waiting for the party. But because we were too tired and really need to sleep, so we decided to stay in the guest house. Lucky for us, the room was really cheap. It was only 900 Baht/night.

At 5pm we woke up and got ourselves ready.
The plan was to meet other Couchsurfing people at one of the bar. We stayed at the bar, played pool (though I did not know exactly what I was doing), did body painting and talked until 11pm. After that we headed to the beach for full moon party yaiiiiii !

But our hyper friend, I don't know what was going on with him, decided to walked at the beach first and left us the girls alone. So fine, I guess we also needed some time to get away from him. But trust me, that was the bad idea. As soon as he left us, we felt bad and thought it was not cool to enjoy the night without him so we tried to look for him around the beach. Looking for one person at the party was not an easy thing to do. So if you happen to come with your friends, stick to them during the party. Don't ever think to leave them because you will not want to be like chicken looking for his mother.

And guess what, when we called him, he said that he was too tired and just went back to the room to sleep. What the f***? Seriously?! Me and the other girl were angry and asked him to come again to the party.

So guys, I tell you know, if you want to come to full moon party, don't be like my friend, too hyper. Save your energy, unless you want to be too exhausted and can just stay at the hotel while others partying like hell.

Many silly things  happened at the party.
The silliest one was to see my friend drank Ovaltine at the party. Duh Chocolate milk, hahaha.
And danced around the lady boys hahaha no way !! this part I will write in Bahasa: kita sih ngarepnya digodain ama si tuh bule2 cakep, tpi stlh bbrp lama joget koq ga ada yg godain kita sih, n pas liat sekeliling duh ternyata semuanya pada bencong and penyuka lelaki. Pantesan kita ga laku bu.. hahaha apes deh, akhirnya kita memutuskan untuk mengganti lokasi mangkal, dan syukurlah akhirnya kita berada di tengah-tengah orang normal and yaiiii ada juga yang godain. Amang tahe !!!

We stayed at the party until 3am.
Good times + crazy friends = amazing memories !!
That was the best night ever in Thailand.
The girl with black was the Ovaltine girl.
Full moon party is for crazy people and we were one of them !

Thursday, October 17, 2013

A place called Ranot

There is always not enough page  to write all the stories about the place called Ranot.


When I first came here, I was surprised by how small this city - hmmm I guess village will be a correct word - is. Compare to my town, Batam, it's nothing. I never thought that I would spent half a year of my life in a place like Ranot. Duh, to be honest I didn't like it at first. No cool place to hang out and no cool people to hang out with. Not to mention that this place doesn't have a mall, KFC or cinema. So can you imagine how desperate life can be in a place like this?

But I decided to give it  a try.

Anyone who used to live in a crowded and big city, when he was dumped in a very small place that only has one main road will be surprised by how much he misses living in a peaceful place. And that's what happened with me after staying for a month. No stuck in a traffic jam and cars honking and no crazy bus driver makes me loved this place.

Here for the first time I learnt to set 8pm as my latest time to go back home. I had my rusty bike that has been so kind to be with me for the last 6 months. All shops started to close around 7pm to 8pm. And by 9pm you will hardly find people walking on the street. So for my own safety, I tried to go back home before 8pm.

my rusty bike

And because it's really small, people always know each other. So wherever you go, people always know who you are and greet you. At first I felt awkward as I was walking on the street and people smiled at me and even said "Sawa dee ka". It took weeks  for me to finally adjust myself to this new environment and learn to smile back. And now I kinda enjoy it. I feel like a celebrity - hahaha, throw stone right on my face to wake me up - and I will miss this when I go back to my country.

If there is a place to compare Ranot with, that will be my home town Sijungkit. Rice field and cows are every where. Back when I was in Batam, I would never see rice fields, I could only find buildings and building and buildings. But here, hmmmm, as I was cycling to the school I could see rice field on my right and left side. I remember I always went for a cycle after teaching along the road. It's the moment that I will miss so much, with music on and the scenery of the simplicity by living in the small village.

On my cycle  route.
Sometimes when we know that we don't have many things to do we will start to do things that we haven't done for a while or try to do things that we never think we will do.

Finally after months I started to draw and even paint again. I used most of my free time to paint and draw whatever I saw and now when I am back to Batam I have many papers to bring back.
And I learned Thai Boxing or Muang Thai. It was awesome. Where else I could punch and hit and kick someone for free. And the craziest thing was I was taught by the students that I teach at school. Those students were from the naughtiest class. So when I got a chance to hit them during the practice, I used it a revenge time for always talking and playing in my class. Bad teacher!

It was only 6 months. But I am so grateful to be sent to a place like Ranot.
Because in this place I learned a lot.
I learned to live a simple life and away from the crowd and who knows that I could survived for 6 months.
I learned to enjoy something that I used to call "boring place" when I refer to my home town.
I learned to love my life from those humble people in Ranot.
I learned that it's not the place that can make you happy and enjoy your stay in a new place, but it depends on how you want to try to love it more when you wake up in the morning even though you know for sure that   place offers you nothing but simplicity.
I've told ya, rice field again.

Thanks Ranot! You will always be a part of my life.
I will miss you!


Wednesday, October 16, 2013



I stayed at Patong Beach and hosted by a Russian guy, Andrey from Couchsurfing.
I was there only for 3 days.

This place, how I can say, is one of the places in the world that I wont visit twice. Just set my foot there once and that's it. Say no for the next time.

The place was too crowded and too touristic.
The place where I stayed at, Patong Beach, is too westernized.
Pubs and night clubs are every where.
If you are into night life I guess you will enjoy your stay in Phuket.
But if you are more to the quite place, than you are the same like me, just been here once and that's enough.

in Bangla Road

At night I walked along Bangla Road.
Along the road you can find many ladies - well, I am not sure whether they are the real one or the fake one, as long as they have boobs.

On my third day, I took the blue big bus from Patong Beach to Phuket Town Market and payed 30 Baht.
And I arrived on time in the market to see the Vegetarian Festival.
I don't know what this festival was all about. All that I could see was people stabbing their faces - men or women - and fire crackers every where.
I didn't understand how could they name it Vegetarian Festival, because as you know Vegetarian don't even kill and eat animals. But in that festival they're hurting themselves.


That's all I can tell you about me and Phuket.


So Many Firsts

I have finally come back to Songkhla after travelling in some places in Thailand. 

Went back earlier from what was planned before doesn't make this trip less adventurous, even it was too extreme. 

Should be in Songkhla by today but I have arrived here yesterday to celebrate Idul Adha in Indonesian Consulate with other Indonesian people. 

This trip, only less than two week, was so unforgettable as I did many firsts!
First time for hitchiking alone and never do it anymore unless I have company.
First time snorkeling.
First time climbing. This one I can't believe that I actually did it. It still felt like dreaming.
First time sleeping in a mosque. 
First time getting lost, huh it's  me to be blamed and now I promise to make plan before going to a new place.
First time sleeping with a random people that I just met on the street and ended up hang out with some "apek-apek" malaysia who thought I would hook up with them. meh , no thanks! have no interest dating people the same age with my dad.
First time to see how those old night life Thai lady live their life when they are getting old and their beauty and sexiness have been washed away by ages.

In Krabi - Thailand

I guess I have to write each of my firsts on the different post. But not right now.
Now is the time to pull your blanket and hide under it for a long long long sleep :)


Saturday, October 5, 2013

What if people think you are homeless and need help?

Well, where should I start?

What I am going to write on this post is actually going to humiliate myself but one of my so called friend keeps asking and even begging me to write it, because it's to hilarious to be kept alone.
Fine, fine, fine. Here we go.

Ever since  I came to Thailand, some Indonesian who also live in Thailand have told me to come to Indonesian Consulate in Songkhla. I don't know exactly the purpose of visiting the place, but I guess it has something to do with registering your self and they can help if something happen with you.

Indonesian Consulate in Songkhla - Thailand.

But I never had time to make it there until my last month staying in Thailand.
So I came there on the 2nd of October.
I carried my big backpack and my other 2 small bags along with me. Huh don't ask me how heavy they are. Thank God, the minivan that took me there dropped me off right in front of the consulate.  So I didn't have to drag my stuff trying to find the place like crazy.

Me, my backpack + a pair of sandals + Barney.

Now here is the funny part.
Remember I told you I had 3 bags with me, As you can see on the picture above that's only one, I hid the other 2 bags. I was standing in front of the gate waiting for someone to open the gate.
The plan was,  I was going to meet my friend who is working in the consulate and get the room key from her to go to my other friend's apartment. So confusing, I know. The point is, I had to meet her to get the key.

I tried to call her but she didn't pick up her phone. So I was waiting for someone to open the gate.
That time, I was wearing my sunglasses - and you know how cool I am with that sunglasses.

Finally there was one guy coming and asking me "May I help you?"
Me: "Hmmm, I am going to meet Veronica to get the room key from her."
This guy started at me and studied me in the way that made me feel, to be honest, a little bit uncomfortable and maybe I would've kick his ass if he stares at me any longer.
And wait, I got even worse stares from the other guys, just wait.

He said: "Okay, just come inside first."
Me: "Are you sure? I am wearing shorts and is it okay to come inside with shorts?" (I have got told by my friends that wearing shorts to the consulate is inappropriate so I didn't expect him to let me in. But again, he was saying that in a funny way that I didn't even have word to describe it)

As we were walking into the office, we met the other 2 guys and 1 lady who are also working in the consulate. They were wearing Batik, so when I saw them I just spoke Bahasa with them because their faces are so Indonesia, hahaha if you know what I mean.

I remind you again, I came to that office with 3 bags, now imagine how heavy they are + me wearing sunglasses + shorts + I was sweating all around my face because these bags are too heavy + there is a pair of sandals and Barney doll I hang on my bag.

Can you I imagine that? Can you imagine how cool I was? Well, at least I thought I was cool that time.

But not after these Indonesian people whom I met in the office kept staring me.
They asked me so many questions but in the way not to make me sad. They were like trying to cheer me up somehow and trying to make me accept that sometimes life is not fair. lol. I can see you don't understand what I am talking about right now. Don't worry, I also felt the same that time.

And that look, oh my, I finally could translate the meaning of that look into this : how-pity-this-girl-is or she-must-have-lost-her-money-and-passport-and-cannot-go-back-to-Indonesia or what-has-happened-to-this-little-poor-girl-with-sandals-and-Barney-are-hang-on-her-bag? or she-must-have-been-dumped-by-his-boyfriend.

Now, it's all clear with me. That guy let me in because he thought I was one of those immigrant who's having problems and asking for help to the consulate. Oh damn!

So I guess, they didn't find me cool when they first saw me at the gate. They might say, "here we go, another orang gila minta perlindungan". Duh that part I cannot write in English. Not because I cannot, but I don't want to.

And you know the worse part, they are still talking about my hilarious coming even days after. That friend of mine who's working in the consulate told me that it's still the trending topic among them.

Garuda di Dadaku!

So my suggestion for you. If you want to visit the consulate, don't come with shorts, sunglasses, 3 big bags and sandals n Barney!  Unless you want them to think you are CRAZY!


Met Yogi Bear in Thailand

Some of us, no matter how old we are, still love to watch cartoon. Name all your cartoon movies, Yogi Bear, Ice Age, Shrek (oh my, I really love this one, thanks for someone who gave me the movie), Madagaskar, WALL-E, Kungfu Panda and arrghhhh too many to mention.

Even secretly we wish to meet our favourite cartoon characters in the real life. 
But you better don't tell about this crazy wishes as people will think you are out of your mind. 
Well, somehow I believe that they who think you are crazy enough for wanting to meet Kungfu Panda or Yogi Bear or Barbie (huh Barbie, I am allergic to this one) are also the same like us. They might also have the same dreams but too shy to admit it. 

So just keep it to your self.
Or you can tell it to me, but just to me - no body else! 
I can help you to pray for that. And don't worry it worked. My prayer has been answered. 

Yep, I have finally met my Yogi Bear. 
You remember that movie about the big tall bear that can talk and always wear hat and tie? Ya, ya I met him.

Me and Yogi Bear

It was when we had a parade in Ranot, Thailand. To be honest with you there was nothing special with the parade. Just a bunch of students wearing Thai traditional costumes (I'm not sure whether to use custome or costume hahaha) and a perfect time for all lady boys in the town to show up or maybe show off because some of them just over did it. 

When I was about to fall asleep on that very boring and hot day that time, I was surprised when I spotted a guy who is extremely tall. Wiiihhh, the tallest among all people, even still taller compare to one of the lady boys with 15 inches high heels. He was wearing a hat. 

That time I wasn't wearing my glasses so I couldn't see clearly. But when I finally came closer, aiiiiii I jumped up excitedly because he's like Yogi Bear. 

I can't get my eyes off of him, awww just like the lyric of my favourite song.

When I finally have time, without thinking twice I came over to him and ask him to take picture with him.
I even wanted to hug him, but it would so inappropriate as I was still in the school.

So a picture is enough.

I bet that guy will go home and keep wondering for the rest of his life why I wanted to do it.
Sorry my Yogi Bear for making you wondering.

But I thank you so so so much for making my day just so perfect on that parade. 


Bad Habit

I need to make a little confession.

This is one of so many bad habits that I am trying to get rid of.
Trying nail polish in the shopping center !
Huh, have you ever felt like you know you have to stop doing something, let's say digging your nose or fixing your underwear in front of other people, but you struggle to do that?

yeah, I'm facing it right now.
I don't know exactly when this thing started. I guess I never even realized it until one of my best friends went to the mall with me and she got so surprised of what I was doing.
I was like sneaking around and make sure no body see me and carefully putting that tempting nail polish on my finger nails. That friend of mine was too shocked even to stop me from doing that, she even took a picture of me while I was trying the other nail polish and later on she posted it on Facebook.

5 fingers in one department store in Thailand - yaiiii so proud !

After we went back home, she asked me "do you realize that you have done something so embaracing (I don't know how to spell it correctly )?" And I just said no. When she showed me that picture and told me the whole story of how I tried not to get caught, that's for the first time I know this bad habit!

Ever since, I always try not to do it anymore. But you know, it's hard to stop it, especially when you are always proud of yourself after doing it!
I guess the right words are when you are always proud of yourself not to get caught!